MQL advisors catalogue

Forex advisors, which are trading code algorithms, are very popular among traders regardless of their experience and specialization. The automated trading not just gives you more free time, but also eliminates emotional factor, thus enabling you to enter and exit the market according to the given rules of the trading system. Below are advisors specially designed for MQL environment of the MetaTrader. You can buy any advisor you like or upload your software for sale at InstaForex online shop. We are always happy to cooperate with new MQL programmers.

EA Bra­ti­slava Pre­mium Edition

Rating: 118

Price: 1200

EA Bra­ti­slava Pre­mium Edition


Rating: 119

Price: 1110

Developed and continually supported in 4 languages since 2007. AutoForexTrader success proved by 1000+ users internationally. Repeatedly, we have been showing its LIVE results, which can be found on our website, NO hidden drawbacks. Transparency and Loss prevention is our Mission, while the Vision goes up to satisfied client enjoying continual profit with maximum risk control.

FxCraft Trade Manager

Rating: 118

Price: 11

FxCraft Trade Manager is a tool for manual (one click) trading. It allows for quick and intuitive opening, closing and managing orders. It facilitates and accelerates execution of many standard actions, which often take our precious time and increase chances of making mistakes. It also works as a simulator or a tool for training if you run it on the built-in MT4 Historical Tester.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional

Rating: 119

Price: 199

A platform for creating, testing and analysing strategies. You can create your own experts with tools like Real Time Backtester, Strategy Editor, Optimizer, Automatic Generator, Strategy Portfolio, Multi Markets, Monte Carlo simulations, Journals, Charts, more than 150 free indicators.

Forex Viper System

Rating: 118

Price: 100

A strategy that buying as price moves to lower support , and selling as price moves to upper resistance.


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